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"We are fools for Christ's sake ..."

(1 Corinthians 4:10) (Grades 6th - 12th)

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Snow, snow, when are you falling?

Winter is finally here, and you may think Fools 4 Christ is going to hyberante.  Well, not so! Here are some of the lessons Fools 4 Christ will be studying this winter:


(Studying now):  Eric Mason:  DECISIONS

"In this Bible study, Eric Mason encourages students to make every decision out of a worldview shaped by God's Word and centered around our Savior, Jesus. Eric calls teens to abandon the idea that choices made in youth are temporary and meaningless, and instead to make decisions now that will impact both their lives and God's Kingdom for eternity."


NEW Series Promo: Decisions with Eric Mason from Spirit Life Fellowship on Vimeo.

Francis Chan:  ETERNITY

"Through four sessions Francis Chan unpacks what Scripture says about eternity, debunking misconceptions about heaven and hell. He will inspire students to lay aside what is fleeting and passionately pursue God and His mission in light of eternity."

D.A. Horton::  AWAKEN

"In this series, author and church planter D.A. Horton will call students to awaken their faith and reach their worldótheir friends, neighbors and classmatesówith the gospel of Jesus Christ. He will unpack what the Bible says about the life-giving, soul-awakening message of the gospel and how prayer, study of God's Word, and service equip and empower followers of Christ to overcome sin. D.A also challenges students to boldly seek the advancement of God's Kingdom at home and around the world."


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